Impactive is an all-in-one suite of tools for organizing, fundraising, outreach, and engagement. We’re a best-in-class tool for peer-to-peer texting, broadcast texting (including short code), phone banking, relational organizing, and more. Impactive has a long history of building movements online: Biden/Harris, Headcount, When We All Vote, Voters of Tomorrow, Planned Parenthood, Community Change, and 2,000+ other partners have sent more than 1 billion messages since 2017.


We are all here with a shared purpose: to empower progressive communities with tools and tactics to reinvigorate democracy, demand equality, and shape a brighter future for all.

Current or former CLIENTS

Biden/Harris, DCCC, DSCC, 20+ State Democratic Parties, Fair Fight, Planned Parenthood, NARAL/Reproductive Freedom for All, Community Change, Stacey Abrams for Governor, Headcount, Civic Nation, When We All Vote, AFL-CIO, SEIU, and more than 2,000 others.

Who is this tool built for?

District Size: 100,000 Voters +
District Size: 25,000-100,000 Voters
District Size: 5,000 Voters or Less
District Size: 5,000-25,000 Voters
District Type: Federal
District Type: Local
District Type: State Legislature
District Type: Statewide
Staffing: Large (15+)
Staffing: Medium (5-15)
Staffing: Small (<5)


Two Factor Authentication (Email), Single Sign On (SSO)


Integrates with van


Integrates with ACTBLUE


Integrates with PHOENIX


Integrates with NGP


PRICing details



Starting price





Per Account



Fundraising (General)
Relational Organizing
Volunteer Management
Mobile Canvassing
Digital Organizing
Donor Communications
Online/Digital Fundraising
Volunteer CRM


Movement Cooperative


stac labs
Higher Ground Labs
Leadership Circle


Self Serve, Onboarding Support, Account Management, Full Service

Data Availablity

S3 Bucket, SQL Mirror, CSV Export

Voter data import

CSV, s3Bucket, Integration, Manual

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Impactive is at the cutting edge of high-converting mobilization tech. They understand how to build innovative, user-friendly tools that helped us reach hundreds of thousands of Americans in 2022.

Tappan Vickery
Senior Director of Programming and Strategy

Invest in this tool early! You don’t want to miss the window of efficacy for a relational persuasion program. Make the investment early so you can hit the ground running when you ramp up the campaign.

Benjamin Hoffman
Campaign Manager
with Erik Bottcher for NY City Council

We wanted to run a relational program, and we wanted to use Impactive to help us do that. We also had peer-to-peer texting ambitions, so Impactive was a good way to help us achieve both goals.


With Impactive, we were able to integrate with VAN, so that was helpful from a data management perspective β€” whereas with Spoke, we weren’t able to do that. Previously, there was a lot of downloading spreadsheets and uploading spreadsheets, but we didn’t have to do that with Impactive.”


Because of the NGP VAN integration within Impactive, we were able to merge field and fundraising (from a data perspective) more than I’ve ever been able to. We were able to match records from our fundraising database to VAN, then use Impactive to follow up with donors with a volunteer recruitment ask.

Emma Weinert
Deputy Executive Director
the Iowa Senate Majority Fund

We wanted a tool that we could use to organize year-round. Plus, I was personally very tired of going through so many different trainings for so many different tools. We were sending people in so many different directions that volunteers were getting discouraged.”


Early on, Impactive was the tool I was most impressed with. It checked all my boxes, and I could see how the growth of the tool would continue to support our needs.


County parties that had never used digital tools were running with it. I had never seen a small Indiana State House campaign run its own dialer before, but they did consistently. A Congressional campaign was able to start phone banks at the end of August. Coordinated use of a tool supported by the state party had never happened before like that.

Megan McCullough
Data and Organizing Director
the Indiana Democratic Party
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