How to pick a tool


Choosing technology for your campaign is not a decision to be made lightly. Decision makers receive pitches from vendors all the time and it can be hard to feel like you have all the relevant information you need all in one place. The Tech Index is designed to provide you with those details so you can choose the right technology with confidence.

A few things to consider

  • Mission - Does the mission of the vendor align with the mission of your organization?
  • Price - Can your campaign buy this tool without breaking your budget?
  • Pricing Structure - No one likes surprise bills! Is the pricing structure straightforward?
  • Data Availability - Are you able to access and manage your data once it's captured in the tool?
  • Service Levels - Do you expect onboarding support or a dedicated account manager? Would you rather go at it alone or do you want someone to use the tool for you?
  • Integrations - Does the tool integrate with other tools in your tech stack?
  • Security - Does the tool offer security features that will keep your work and data safe?
  • Client Personas - Does the vendor specialize in supporting down ballot campaigns? Or are they a better fit for statewide or federal campaigns? Would they best serve a small or large district?

Using the Tech Index

The tech index was designed to help you consider what's important to you during your tool selection process and use that criteria to find the best technology to power your work.


Already have a tool in mind? You can easily search for that tool using the search bar. The search bar will also pull in other tools that integrate with the tool you're searching for so you can find the tool that will integrate with your pre-existing tech stack.


You can narrow down tools based on the features you need. Simply toggle the features you're looking for and a list of tools with those features will begin to populate.


You can also narrow down tools based on integrations. Toggle the technology you want the tool you're searching for to integrate with and a list of tools with that integration will populate.


Use the sort feature to bring certain tools to the top of your list. You can sort by alphabetical order or by price to help you find the tool that works best for you.